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Since last few years I have been looking for a good SLES free shampoo in India but couldn’t find one. I have used Himalaya and biotique shampoos… but I doubt if they are really SLES free cause they don’t mention explicitly in their label or in website that they are SLES free shampoos. I have also tried Forest Essentials shampoo but I find that a bit overpriced though it was good. Thus when TBS launched their Rainforest range of shampoos I was really excited!!! 🙂

I got the rainforest shine shampoo for dry/normal hair (250 ml for Rs 495) . Didn’t get the matching conditioner cause I am happy enough with my current Loreal Nutrigloss.

What it claims: Employs a trio of superb conditioning oils—organic pracaxi, cameline seed and Community Fair Trade organic olive oil—to effectively protect shine and help you hair look gorgeously glossy. It contains no silicones, no sulphates, no colourants and no parabens.

Pros of the shampoo:

1. Its completely SLES /paraben and other harmful chemicals free unlike those sunsilks and pantenes (very harmful for hair especially people suffering from hairfall). There has been a lot of controversy in cosmetic industry regarding the use of paraben as a cheap preservative.

2. Since it is chemical free it is mild enough for daily use. However it does not lather much like the chemical shampoos.

3. Leaves hair squeaky clean even though i apply lots of oil on my head and best part is even without using conditioner my hair is soft. I am using this shampoo for last one month and the quality of my hair has greatly improved. My hair had become very rough because of the hard water in the place where I live.

4. I love the smell , it’s so fresh and not like artificial and full of chemicals.

5. The shampoo has also helped with my dandruff problem

6. The shampoo comes in a plastic tube shaped sleek bottle with a basic flip top lid. This is one of the things I like about The Body Shop products – no unnecessary packaging.

7.  Also makes hair shinier.

8. Much cheaper than other organic shampoos like those from Forest Essentials.

Cons :

Frankly speaking I found no cons with the shampoo. I am really happy to have finally found my HG shampoo and will use it forever untill Body Shop discontinues it (hope it never happens). I even plan to buy the conditioner once my current loreal stuff gets over.

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Welcome !!! I am Monalisa Goswami from Gurgaon India working as an Analyst in American Express.

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